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About Us .


Thank you for visiting our web site. As you may recognize when you visited this web site, the name of this web site is already spelled out clearly that it is the site for Lycee Technique Vientiane and Lao-German Technical Alumni. This Web site generates for the purpose of allowing former students and teachers of these two institutions to be able to interact and get connect to each others after more than three decades that we have departed from our beloved country, Laos. For this reason, if you are current or former students/teachers of these two institutions, please let us know so we can put your information on our web site for other alumni who may want to know or contact you. If you like, you can also send us your pictures (preferably old time pictures) as well so we can put them up on our gallery.

Kongkeo and I (Khamkeo) who managed this web site were also former students of these two institutions. Kongkeo attended and graduated from Lao German Technical College (section electricity). I (Khamkeo) attended both schools, but graduated from Lycee Technique Vientiane (section electricity). At the time that we were students at these two institutions, Mr. Hiem Phommanchanh was the Director at Lycee Technique Vientiane. Chao Bouavong and later Mr. Sameu Mouthalay then Mr. Somphone Kayong-Ek were Directors at Lao German Technical School. Time has changed; now our classmates back in those days are Directors or member of the Council of Directors at these two institutions. Mr. Viengphoukhanh, Section Construction, is member of the Council of Directors at Lycee Technique Vientiane. Mr Douangchay, section Auto Mechanic, is the Director at Lao German Technical College. Further, the two new Technical Colleges in Vientiane also manage by our classmates. Mr. Virasath Viravong, Section Electricy, is the Director of Vientiane Technical College in Phon-Mee. Mr. Kham-One, Section Electricity, is the Director at Lao-Viet Technical College in Vientiane.

Reasons that we generated this web site is to unite among ourselves and to find ways to help our former schools to improve these two institutions technologically and/or financially. Of course, to do this we will need the helps of all the current and former alumni of these two schools. Please be sure to contact us if you have any ideas how to approach this issue. Further, we also want to have a Big Reunion among former students and teachers of these two institutions sometimes in the year 2010 somewhere in Las Vegas, Nevada or Fresno, CA. We also hope that the alumni of these two schools will be able to come and enjoy the companionship among ourselves when we have the celebration of this REUNION in 2010. We also hope that current and former students/teachers and especially Directors of these two schools will be able to come and join us in this up coming reunion. Again, if you have any suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address below.

Thank you.


Please E-mail us with your suggestions, comments, or reports of problems pertaining to this site.